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Technical Program:

The technical program at the 2007 Annual meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics will consist of:

  • 8 invited talks
  • 3 award lectures
  • 5 minisymposia
  • student luncheon
  • approximately 1400 contributed talks
  • poster session
  • Gallery of fluid motion (poster and video)

To submit an abstract for a contributed talk or a poster presentation, please click on the ABSTRACT SUBMISSION button on the left. To submit a poster or video entry to the Gallery of Fluid Motion, click on the GALLERY OF FLUID MOTION button on the left. All participants are encouraged to visit the vendor displays in the Ballroom of the convention center and invited to attend the meeting banquet on Sunday evening in the South Foyer of the Salt Palace Convention Center . This page will be updated throughout the year as the speakers are identified and the individual programs are finalized.

Invited Lectures:
  • John Bush, MIT, “Entomological Fluid Dynamics”
  • Olivier Pouliquen, Université de Provence-CNRS, “Flow of Dense Granular Media; A Peculiar Liquid”
  • James Wallace, University of Maryland , “Twenty Years of Experimental and DNS Access to the Velocity Gradient Tensor:  What We Have Learned About Turbulence.”
  • Timothy Pedley, University of Cambridge , "The Collective Hydrodynamics of Swimming Micro-Organisms"
  • Jane Wang, Cornell University , “Insect Flight: Aerodynamics, Efficiency, and Evolution”
  • Gary Parker, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, “Morphodynamics of Rivers and Turbidity Currents: an Elegant Conversation between Water and Sediment”
  • Juan G. Santiago, Stanford University , “Making Shock Waves in Microfluidics: The Physics and Applications of Isotachophoresis”
  • K.R. Sreenivassen, ICTP, Trieste and Univrsity of Maryland , “Vortices, Particles and Superfluidity”

Award Lectures:

  • Fluid Dynamics Prize:

Professor Guenter Ahlers
University of California, Santa Barbara

"For pioneering experimental work on fluid instabilities,
low-dimensional chaos, pattern formation, and turbulent
Rayleigh-Benard convection"

  • Frenkiel Award:

    Professor Re'em Sari
    California Institute of Technology

"For the elegant derivation of similarity solutions describing the propagation of ultrarelativistic shock waves"

  • Acrivos Dissertation Award:
  • Dr. David Saintillan
    Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences

    "Collective Dynamics in Dispersions of Anisotropic and
    Deformable Particles"


    Five minisymposia will be included in the scientific program

    1. Incorporating Biology in a Fluids Curriculum (Eric Lauga)

    2. Lagrangian Dynamics in Turbulence (Lance Collins)

    3. Fluids Demonstrations and Instructional Laboratories (Jean Hertzberg, Douglas Bohl)

    4. Turbulence Simulations and Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (P.K. Yeung)

    5. Deformable Particle Suspensions and Solutions (Dewei Qi)