The 25th Annual Gallery of Fluid Motion will be held as part of the Meeting. The Gallery consists of aesthetically pleasing, insightful displays of still pictures, computer graphics, and video clips submitted by attendees. Both computational and experimental fluid dynamics entries are encouraged.


  • Entry form and video submission deadline is Monday, September 17, 2007.
  • Poster and video entries must not duplicate one another.
  • At least one co-author must attend the meeting.
  • Multiple poster entries by the same authors must contain different artwork.

Poster Entries:

In addition to photographs and/or graphics, poster entries should contain brief explanatory text and the names and affiliations of all authors. Poster board (approximately 4' x 4' or 1.2m x 1.2m) and pushpins will be provided. Entries should not be mounted on foam core. Authors of poster entries will be asked to be present at their posters during one or two specified times during the meeting to answer questions.

Video Entries:

Video entries must be submitted as MPEG-2 NTSC files (720 by 480 pixels, 29.97 fps) with a total running time of no more than 3 minutes. This time limit will be strictly enforced. The MPEG-2 files should begin with a title page (3 to 5 seconds long) followed by the 3 minute segment. Entries should NOT include sound. The title page should include a title and the names and affiliations of the contributors. All entries will be shown continuously during the meeting in posted order.

To submit an entry form and/or upload a video please click here Entry Form

All entries will be listed at on Monday September 24, 2007. Please check the list and verify that your entry was received.

Any questions regarding the guidelines or submission process should be addressed to